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Houston Petting Zoo
833-ZOOFARI (833-966-3274)
Houston, Texas US
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We are Austin Petting Zoo. We feature a combination of domesticated animals and some exotic species that are docile enough to touch and feed. Our Petting Zoo is available in Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio Texas areas.

We are designed to provide only relatively placid, herbivorous domesticated animals, such as sheep, goats, rabbits, or ponies, to safely feed and physically interact with. Our Petting Zoo experience also provides baby exotic animals on top of the chickens, goats, ponies and sheeps.

**PLEASE READ: Not all animals listed are guaranteed to be at every petting zoo. At least the Lemur or Wallaby, if both are not available at the same time, and a deer or alpaca, if both are not available at the same time, will be at your petting zoo with a mixture of the other animals listed. Rabbits will not be in petting zoo over 90 degrees.**