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We offer a Combination Of Domesticated Animals And Some Wild Species.Pleasse call us at 512-659-5151. All your birthday parties will take a Walk On The Wild Side with our animals. We are committed to teaching children and adults about wildlife. Animal programs have always been a big hit. Of course it's not just about the fun of seeing exotic animals up close. In our animal programs we want the kids to learn about them in the process and to be inspired to do great things as adults to help preserve our home, Earth. This Earth deserves a voice and by teaching about its wonders maybe that voice will be the children we taught today.

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Teaching children & adults about the wonders of the animal world through hands on experiences. Courtney is one of the best Animal Education Specialist in the USA and outside the USA. She preforms over 400 animal shows in libraries and schools around the state of Texas a year.Wikipedia

Welcome to Houston Petting Zoo a Wild Things Zoofari company. We are the the top premier petting zoo and animal show in Austin, Dallas/Ft, Houston and San Antonio Texas areas. We bring the zoo to your Birthday, Festival, Library and School and take a walk on the Wild Side. Wild Things Zoofari offers a mobile petting zoo with exotic animals, great for all ages or educational animals shows with Lemurs, Kangaroos and smaller mammals.

Wild Things Zoofari companies are Austin Petting Zoo, Dallas Petting Zoo, Houston Petting Zoo and San Antonio Petting Zoo. Wild Things Zoofari is an Austin, Texas-based company, privately owned, rapidly expanding nationwide

She is one of the best Animal Education Specialist in the USA and outside the USA. She preforms over 400 animal shows in libraries and schools around the state of Texas a year.

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Wild Things Zoofari Texas | Petting Zoo Houston, TX

Wild Things Zoofari Inc. educates about the importance of wildlife conservation. What we know about animal behavior, health and reproduction, we’re sharing with kids and adults in our programs


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Wild Things Zoofari Texas | Houston Petting Zoo

Wild things Zoofari Inc. Exotic Petting Zoo is a “hands-on” learning experience. We provide the highest quality animals. These animals are part of the educational exotic Petting Zoo and are selected for disposition, and compatibility. Suitable for Birthdays parties, Fairs, Festivals and Rodeos,our hands-on education petting zoo encourage engaged learning and memorable experiences for your guests.


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Wild Things Zoofari Texas | Austin Petting Zoo

Wild Things Zoofari Inc. provides a hand on learning experience complete with stingrays, starfish and more. We educate children so that one day they can make our ideal world a reality.