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Wild Things Zoofari’s owner, Courtney Pineda, supports protecting animals and their environments by informing the youth about sustainable living and the long-term change they can make. She has been involved in the animal industry on both the medical and educational side for over 20 years. She has a rich understanding of the proper care for each individual species. Many of the animals we currently show were born in facility and raised by her and her family.  


One of the first primates she worked with was a cotton top tamarin. A 3 pound critically endangered monkey from Colombia. That led to her love and support for Proyecto Titi, a program that assists in the survival of endangered cotton-top tamarins and their habitats through vast education and expanded knowledge to the locals. 

Her true love lies with the Red-Ruffed Lemurs, a lesser primate, from MadagascarIn learning about this primate it opened up so much information about the country of Madagascar and it’s poverty levels. She ties in critical information about Madagascar and it’s survival when she teaches about the lemurs. Courtney also relates global events that are happening to current events here so the children and adults have a way to understand and relate to it. For example: Without lemurs the flora in Madagascar will slowly fade away over about 10 years. The lemurs are essencially the “farmers” of Madagascar. Ecotourism is a major income for the Malagasy people. The Lemurs are the heart of the countries survival.

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Aysha T.
Aysha T.
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Amazing people! We had the exotic petting zoo for my daughters b’day and let me just put it this way that every kid that left said “This is the best day of my life!” Thank you guys for being so punctual, professional and amazing!
Dhanya UofSA
Dhanya UofSA
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We had Courtney for my 6 yr old daughter's birthday party. It was a great show. The kids and the adults enjoyed the show equally. We got to see exotic animals like lemur, kangaroo Joey, hedgehog, toucan, skunk( no they don't stink) and fennet fox up and close. Will definitely recommend Courtney's one of a kind show to anybody. Thank you Courtney.