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Are you a huge animal lover of all kinds? Hanging out with our critters is soul therapy for the young and old. After all, we are all big kids in the end. Our goal is to spike interest in our animals in a calm and fun atmosphere. Learn about exotic animals without even realizing it. Some of our animals are endangered species that you may never get to see up close and actually be able to touch some of them. Animal shows bring out the child in the elderly and bring joy to the senior homes for activities. Bring the zoo to you with an animal party at your home
  • -We will arrive about 15 min early to set up. Please have a close parking space for us to load and unload animals. We will be in a Van or SUV.

    -Schedule your party to start about 30 min before your show is scheduled to start.

    – There is a maximum of 10-15 child participants for each event. Please check your scheduled event for limits. 

    -All shows must be indoors. We usually sit on the floor in the living room with the kids. If you need an outdoor event please click here to reserve a petting zoo.

    -Please make plans for dogs or cats to party in another room.

    -Make plans for adults and younger siblings that attend to have a place to talk and play away from the show if they are not participating. The additional background noise makes a huge difference in our animals attitude and our ability to present them.

    -You will be able to touch the animals so please make sure no one is sick. 

    -Not all animals are guaranteed but we do our best to make sure you have what you requested.

    -Pick your animals from our Animal List.

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Nathaniel Gallagher
Nathaniel Gallagher
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So much fun! I planned this for my girlfriend's birthday, and it was "the best birthday ever". Courtney was very informative and easy to work with - she was key in helping me figure out the best group of animals. It was a huge success, and we can't stop talking about the wonderfully happy and playful animals. Thank you!!
Kelsey Smith
Kelsey Smith
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Such a great experience! I wanted some farm animals for my daughter's 1 year old pictures, which I understand is a weird request, but they were so easy to work with! I planned everything with Courtney on the phone and through emails, she was very helpful. Joey met us with the animals and he was so nice and knowledgeable. He was right on time even with the location being a bit tricky to get to. I will definitely be using them again in the future.