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Church Programs > Houston Petting Zoo Exotic Petting Zoo and Animal Shows

Church Programs

Church Programs

What better way to get the information you have been working so hard for the kids to retain than with a live animal presentation.
Each animal is presented with fun bio facts about them. At the end of the presentation I ask the kids questions about what we discussed. Small groups of children get to pet some of the animals after they are presented. If touching is not allowed please tell up before hand.


  • 30 minute programs with 4 animals $200
  • 45 minute programs with 6 animals $225
  • 60 minute programs with 8 animals $250
  • 2- 30 minute programs $250
  • 2- 45 minute programs $375
  • 2- 60 minute programs $425


To book your event I will need the following information from you to start:

  • Tentative date and time
  • Age of the children
  • Location
  • Contact phone number for you
  • Program desired


  • All programs between June and October must be indoors for the health of our animals unless it is an unusually nice day between 75 and 85.
  • An open area large enough for the students to sit in a horseshoe shape is desired for small groups.
  • If the presentation is for large group of kids and a microphone would be needed please advise us ahead of time.
  • There is 15 minutes allowed between presentations for multiple presentations presented in one place.


There is an additional mileage fee for locations over 50 miles round trip.

We are USDA licensed and insured. If you require a copy of either one I would be happy to forward it to you.

Houston Petting Zoo

We service all of
Texas833-ZOOFARI 833-966-3274


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We offer a Combination Of Domesticated Animals And Some Wild Species. All your birthday parties will take a Walk On The Wild Side with our animals. We are committed to teaching children and adults about wildlife. Animal programs have always been a big hit. Of course it’s not just about the fun of seeing exotic animals up close. In our animal programs we want the kids to learn about them in the process and to be inspired to do great things as adults to help preserve our home, Earth. This Earth deserves a voice and by teaching about its wonders maybe that voice will be the children we taught today.

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