Library Success Stories

Library Success Stories

Tawna Walden

Really enjoyed your program today at Malakoff!

Gilbreath Memorial Library

Courtney, you were a big hit at Gilbreath Memorial Library in Winnsboro yesterday! Thank you so much for presenting a wonderful program and sharing your exotic “animal friends” with us! You brought many smiles by allowing hands on with the children and of course the staff and volunteers enjoyed our hands on time too! (some of us will never grow up) 😉 Diane still wants a monkey…. hehehe!

Michael Alford

Courtney visited the Winnsboro Library today and among the exotic animals she brought for the children to see were a Cotton Top Tamarin, Baby Marmoset Monkey and Ring-Tailed Lemur.

Kimberly Crane Edwards

We loved your program at Gilbreath Memorial Library in Winnsboro today! It’s all my girls (and me) have been able to talk about this afternoon! They enjoyed showing their dad the pictures of some familiar faces in your albums!
PS – I want to come to your summer camp! LOL

Ncholas P Sims Library
We would LOVE for you to come back to Nicholas P. Sims Library (in Waxahachie) this coming summer.  You all were wonderful and so educational last summer.