Wild Things Zoofari-Houston

Animal Shows

Have fun with a Lemur, fox, or toucan, just to name a few, up close and personal.  Great for ages 5 years and up, stage shows, libraries, schools, and conferences. Find out more information.

Petting Zoos

Bring a kangaroo or patagonian cavy to your birthday, school, church or festivals.  Great for ALL ages! Find out more information.

Reptile Shows

You can have the elusive Gila monster in your living room for all to see. Find out more information.

Our Companies

Houston Petting Zoo has been owned and operated by Wild Things Zoofari since 2010. We service all of Texas for birthdays, festivals, and schools. Take a look at our About Us to become familiar with who you are hiring.  Our other Texas based companies are Austin Petting Zoo, Dallas Petting Zoo, San Antonio Petting Zoo, Austin Animal Shows, and Houston Animal Shows.